Support & Training


Enhanced Sales Potential has been providing training to over 450 sales organizations in over 45 industries for over 20 years.

We incorporate a unique psychological approach and philosophy of selling into the design of every training.

We believe that everyone is doing exactly what makes sense to them given the way they see the world.

Effective sales training provides the opportunity to master new skills.

Effective sales training gets at the heart of how people see the world, and why they do what they do.

Our courses specialize in helping your salespeople:

  • Generate powerful mindsets and beliefs that propel effective action
  • Generate leads and sales opportunities
  • Effectively implement the selling conversation and sales process
  • Prepare for sales calls and determine desired outcomes
  • Ask questions in an interactive manner to understand the buyer
  • Enable the appropriate Degree of Customer Focus® when selling
  • Effectively address issues and concerns
  • Challenge customers to act
  • Negotiate strongly to hold value and price

We do this by providing a wide range of training curriculum and customizing our offerings to address the needs of your sales team and to implement your business strategy.

Selling becomes more about focusing on the customer. We help you determine the Degree of Customer Focus® you need.  Then, we equip your sales team to ask, listen, understand, create possibility, challenge assumptions, co-create, then powerfully coach their customers to overcome any limitations or concerns to actualize their business goals. Based on your desired Degree of Customer Focus®, we help you to achieve tactical sales on the lower end to developing strategic business partners who share your values and are committed to creating customers for life.

“Growth in business is wonderful to behold, right up until the point one realizes that “I” have out grown most of our systems, realizing that while we have an incredible talent pool it is becoming harder to bring on quality people, train, and retain them. This is where John’s skills for assisting in documenting current systems and working with us to formalize a sales training methodology were invaluable. His methods created the foundation for a customized sales training process that because it is not a canned approach will allow new associates with differing skill levels progress at a pace that benefits the individual and company with opportunistic wins early and often.”

Will Green
VP Contract Manufacturing Services
Rockline Industries

“Enhanced Sales Potential developed our selling system and taught our company how to recruit effectively. The selling system helped focus our efforts on the most important measure for our sales team. Because of the selling system were able to convert more of our prospects into purchasing a new roof. Additionally, the selling system has organized how we train new sales reps. Because of the recruiting process that was implemented, our sales team at CRS has remained fully staffed. And now, we are in a position to grow our staff 50% next year. Hiring Enhanced Sales Potential has added so much value to our organization that will continue to add value for many years to come.”

John Tanner, III
President, Complete Roofing Company