Strategy & Planning

Providing end-to-end sales development expertise for your company, we go to work with your senior leadership to enable the success of the sales effort by offering the following:

Executive Team Alignment

Our team of consultants will evaluate, then work with your senior leadership team to transform their focus from individual goals to total commitment to your company’s goals.

Business Planning and Sales Strategy Alignment

We facilitate the development of your annual business plan so that the sales goals are aligned behind the organizations goals and are operationalized and specified to the level selected.

Sales Planning

By using your market research and current metrics, we help you focus your sales efforts. The result is a executable plan for accomplishing the company’s revenue goal. Once the sales team’s focus is established, we make sure the regional and local sales team’s plans are developed and ready to execute.

Sales Process

We listen and learn how you sell, then design a customized sales process for your team that is practical, relevant, and easy to coach and implement. Having your own sales process increases the odds your salespeople will use the skills and techniques, thus improving their performance.

Sales Enablement

We uncover what, in the area of tools, knowledge and processes, is impeding your sales team from being successful. Working across the sales ecosystem with sales operations, sales support, sales administration, marketing and your sales organization, we will find and fix the roadblocks to success.

Cross Functional Teaming and Alignment

It takes more than the sales organization to seamlessly serve your customers. We take a systems approach to create partnering across the various critical functions. All parties then co-create commitments using the tools for communication we provide that build their capacity to deliver results.

Sales Transformation Planning

You have your company vision, and have laid out goals for the next several years but the question is how to get there and what needs to change to be able to accomplish those goals. We assess what needs to happen to transform your sales team to a readiness state.

Sales Execution Planning

Developing the Sales Plan is only half the battle. We insure there is stakeholder feedback and buy-in which is a critical step often overlooked in the process of implementation. We also do a gap analysis to capture the impact of any change made to the sales plan as it is being implemented. We design the process to implement your plan so that execution is seamless and achievement is the result.

Sales Modeling

We help you evaluate the most efficient way to market, then help you design, recruit, develop, and execute all of these potential ways to reach your customers:

  • Development & Effectiveness for Inside Sales
  • Development & Effectiveness for Outside Sales
  • National/Strategic account Development & Effectiveness
  • Channel Sales Development & Effectiveness

Sales Executive Coaching

We work individually to develop the necessary skills to strategically and effectively lead your sales organization.