Sales Force Evaluations

We can help you answer the following questions:

Do we have the most effective tools and processes to drive the level of sales we expect?

We will take a look at the sales tools you are using to measure and drive consistent execution, and let you know how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales effort.

Do we have the right sales leaders to execute our sales strategy?

The most critical persons in your sales organization are your frontline sales managers. We measure their selling, mentoring, coaching, motivating, recruiting & accountability skills. We use the most comprehensive sales manager specific evaluation on the market today.

Do we have the right sales talent doing the right kind of selling?

We’ll help you determine what kind of sales approach you require, the Degree of Customer Focus® required and the selling skills needed to execute. Then, we’ll find out how effective your existing people will be. We’ll also tell you what needs to be taught, how to teach it, and who will benefit from investing in development.

What are the highest leveraged actions we can take to grow sales?

We are not merely a training company. We are sales consultants. We will work with you to take the next critical steps required that have the most leverage to drive results. This can range from helping you craft your sales strategy, sales modeling, planning, cross-functional partnering, hiring strategy, to all forms of sales execution.

What does the evaluation involve?

We gather objective data from all levels of the sales organization through online questionnaires. Then, we strategically conduct interviews to listen to the organizational wisdom and identify strengths and gaps.