Leadership Development

Behavioral Potential™

“Managers are key levers to increasing the performance levels of sales organizations.”
– Dr. John Musser, President, Enhanced Sales Potential

Our “Behavioral Potential™” learning series develops managerial effectiveness. Managers learn to lead and manage continuous performance development, foster higher employee engagement levels, and achieve higher employee/team performance levels. Our learning environments* are engaging, interactive and behavior-focused, and include:

  • Leading and Managing Performance – 1/2 day (4 hours)
    • Behavioral How-to’s: define goals/expectations, observe/analyze/coach performance, and demonstrate effective reward/recognition of performance.
  • Developing Performance – 1.5 days (12 hours)
    • Managers learn a powerful 6-step model to lead effective employee behavior-based coaching discussions. Includes coached role-plays.
    • Behavioral How-to’s: identify/leverage strengths, identify/overcome obstacles, and increase employee ownership/commitment to performance improvement
  • Communicating for Performance – 1/2 day (4 hours)
    • Managers learn four communication styles to tailor communication in ways that foster more productive, high-results working relationships.
    • Behavioral How-to’s: identify personal communication preferences, strengths & limitations of each style, adapt communication behaviors to other preferred styles.
  • Assessment Based Coaching – 1 day (8 hours)
    • Participants learn to incorporate pre-hire assessment data into coaching
      strategies and techniques.
  • Individual Coaching for Sales Leaders
    • We work individually with your leaders to develop the specific areas previously identified from our evaluation. We take a customized approach, allowing each leader to maximize their learn and growth to become excellent leaders and managers of the sales effort.
  • Creating, Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Accountability
    • Through an interactive dialogue, exercises, role plays and between session practice assignments, leaders learn to generate accountability from a place of freedom and choice. Leaders become effective at dealing with complaints, blame and other conditions which displace accountability. Participants work to master 3 primary foundations of accountability: Shared purpose, integrity and being 100% responsible.

Continuous Performance Improvement

Companies that integrate our development tools and learning solutions achieve powerful results. One company set new call center sales records by increasing sales conversion rates from 28.2% to over 42.8% in a five month period.

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*Available in instructor-led classroom training formats. Customization/alternate formats are negotiable.