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Breakthroughs in Networking

“People with strong networks and good mentors enjoy more promotions, higher pay, and greater career satisfaction.5 They feel a sense of belonging, which makes their lives meaningful.” Yet not all networks are equal. Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist who studies social belonging and rejection, believes that men tend to build broader, shallower networks than women do and […]

The Power of Buying and Selling Styles

A customer walks into a retail setting, looks away from the salesperson, and picks up a written brochure to read. The salesperson approaches, reaches out their hand, warmly introduces themselves to the customer and the customer turns toward the salesperson and coldly says, “I’m fine — I just want to look around.” The salesperson continues, […]

Do you upgrade your sales talent with each hire?

Having a sales hiring process that upgrades your talent is a smart way to grow sales and raise the bar for your team. THE CHALLENGE Leaders know the value of a great sales hire. A strong salesperson often means the difference between achieving the profit goals of the company and quickly escalating expenses. The challenge […]

What do you do when buyers hesitate?

One of my favorite things to do is to inspire salespeople. This is because I know they touch so many people’s lives at precisely the moments they need assistance, guidance, clarity and powerful support. When we make large purchasing decisions, we are really creating our future. We will live with our decision at times for […]

Are your sales leaders great sales coaches?

If your sales are going to grow, your salespeople have to grow. To make that happen your sales leaders have to be great coaches. Today more than ever before, executives are asking their sales leaders to produce higher levels of sales to boost bottom line profits. They have cut operational costs in all areas of […]