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How much customer focus is the right amount when selling?

In today’s business environment, companies are focused on becoming more customer-centric. This must include the way we sell. The solutions and products are designed to enhance the customer’s success, interface seamlessly into the customer’s business processes and be easy to use. Marketing materials are designed to educate, inform, and illuminate new possibilities for buyers that […]

How ‘Scarcity Thinking’ Impacts the Sales Effort

Scarcity thinking is a mindset. It’s when an individual believes there is not enough of something – money, opportunity, time, etc. Any of us can experience scarcity thinking, regardless of our circumstances – “I don’t have enough money” “I’m not making enough money” “The market opportunity is not large enough” “I don’t have enough customers” […]

Transforming interviews into auditions

Most of us struggle when interviewing. We want to really know the capabilities and true talent of the individual we are considering for hire. But, as we all know, when seeking employment, candidates are prepared, have well-practiced responses ready, and are posturing to impress. So, how can we get better at revealing their true capabilities […]

Building a High Performance Culture: A Two-Dimensional Model

Building a High Performance Culture: A Two-Dimensional Model Building a high performance culture is the capstone of excellent leadership.  However, achieving the right balance between driving accountability and supporting individual employee success is not easy to achieve. Too much focus on numbers and position accountability could result in a toxic workplace while too little position […]

Interviewing Salespeople? Here Are 3 Tips

We all know that salespeople are some of the best interviewers in business.  They know how to sell themselves.  Yet, have you ever found that after selling themselves to you, they fail to sell your company’s products or services effectively?  When you are interviewing salespeople, here are 3 techniques to use that will give you […]

8 Common mistakes when hiring salespeople

Many of my customers are adding salespeople as the calendar year kicks off.  Hiring the best sales talent is one of your biggest advantages to achieving sales and revenue goals.  So, when you add sales talent, it is critical that you add the right people, with the capabilities you need to execute the type of […]