Inventing Powerful Mindsets: A Daily Habit of Personal Empowerment

Mindsets are powerful. They are the filter or lens through which we see the world. Mindsets set the foundation for how we interpret reality, and ultimately, influence what we think, feel, and do. Each of us is responsible for the mindsets we operate within each day. As much as we may prefer to blame others and play ‘victim’ (US Congress and Politicians demonstrate this on a regular basis) for our struggles or breakdowns, each of us is responsible for the assumptions we carry around that influence how we perceive reality.

Mindsets Hide in the ‘Shadow’ of Our Consciousness

The tricky part about this is that we carry mindsets that often hide from our conscious awareness that may be limiting our effectiveness. I call those ‘default’ or ‘automatic’ mindsets. They may have been invented long ago in reaction to a situation or event. Some are passed down to us by our parents. Some are invented when we were so young, they seem as if they have always been ‘true.’ These limiting mindsets hide in the ‘shadow’ of our awareness. They have become so familiar, they operate and dictate our reality ‘by default.’

How do we know when these mindsets are ‘calling the shots’ from the ‘shadows’ of our consciousness? Some examples are: we are not energized and motivated, we feel discouraged, we hesitate to take the next right action, fail to prospect (if we are in sales), or our confidence or self-worth falters.

These ‘shadow’ mindsets can be as simple as, “what I have to offer is inferior to my competitors’ offering”, or “there isn’t enough time, money, [fill in the blank],” or even more toxic, “my efforts don’t matter”, “I don’t have what it takes”, or “I’m not worthy of something better.”

Taking Inventory

Anyone who understands this – starts each day making sure their mindsets are moving them forward, not disempowering. They take the time to identify and to shine a light on the mindsets that are dictating their actions from the shadows of their awareness. If they find themselves holding back, hesitating to take the next right action, or faltering in their confidence, they take personal inventory and identify the misguided, [untrue] mindset.

Setting New, More Powerful Mindsets

Next, they invent or create a new mindset that counters the one that was silently ‘running the show’ from the shadows. For example, if I identify a ‘shadow’ mindset – “what I do doesn’t matter”, I can then form a new, more powerful mindset – “I uncover solutions and co-create new possibilities.” With this new mindset, inspiration is born. New ideas surface. I don’t give up quite so quickly. New partnerships, collaborations, and inventions are now possible.

Are you living in a powerful Mindset today? If not, pause, take a breath, identify that limiting mindset operating from the ‘shadow’ of your mind, and invent a more effective one that propels you forward and opens new possibilities.