Breakthroughs in Networking

“People with strong networks and good mentors enjoy more promotions, higher pay, and greater career satisfaction.5 They feel a sense of belonging, which makes their lives meaningful.” Yet not all networks are equal. Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist who studies social belonging and rejection, believes that men tend to build broader, shallower networks than women do and that the networks of men give them a wider range of resources for gaining knowledge and professional opportunities’ – See more at:

Many companies are addressing the need to increase the number of women in leadership positions in order to maximize profitability, creativity, and better reflect their customer base.  Yet, many of these attempts are failing to produce the level of desired gender parity from mid-management levels to the very top levels of leadership.

At Enhanced Sales Potential we believe it is essential for the upcoming leaders of tomorrow to build strong networks today and empower themselves to build visibility and identify and pursue strong mentor relationships.

To that end, we have designed the Breakthroughs in Networking® course that promises to:

  • Identify personal strengths & barriers to networking through individualized assessment feedback from the “Leadership Networking Questionnaire”
  • Create powerful breakthroughs in the ability to effectively engage in networking and visibility management activities for career advancement and leadership development
  • Generate a powerful mindset for networking
  • Develop a personal ‘brand’
  • Practice key networking and visibility management skills
  • Develop a personal action plan to sustain ongoing action
  • Utilize the NQuotient logoonline networking software tool to sustain networking activity over time

Do you believe a robust, active network is critical to your future leaders?  Have you tried using a technology solution to support networking growth?  Do your hi-potential leaders have the awareness, skills and tools available to build an effective network?

Email us and find out how you can bring this innovative and fresh approach to building powerful and effective networks for your future leaders.