My mother’s legacy: Qualities that have helped my sales career

My 90 year old mother, Helen, died peacefully in her sleep April 18,2015 in Charleston, West Virginia, the city where I grew up. Although it was expected, I was not prepared to let her go. Saying good-bye to the person who brought you into this world, and perhaps loves you more than anyone else, is a profound thing to do.

Last year I did a personal development training experience – just to continue to grow and remove any barriers I experience to having and creating the life I desire to be living. It was the Hoffman Process, which I highly recommend.

During the training, I had the opportunity to get in touch with patterns and qualities in my life that have worked against me and those that have worked to for me to achieve success, all of which I received from my mother.  The process helped me clear the negative patterns, and be more in touch with and grateful for the positive ones.

To honor my mother, I want to share some of the qualities that I picked up from her that I know have helped me succeed in both my career as a psychologist and as a sales consultant.

First, through my relationship with my mother I learned tenacity. I learned this on the tennis court with her. She would play until the very last point of the set. Never give up. Keep going until the last point is played.

Second, she taught me to have high standards. Do it right – keep working on something until you can be proud of it.

Third, she taught me to enjoy people and laugh with them. My mother never met a stranger. To this day, I enjoy meeting and conversing with new people. People are endlessly fascinating to me.   And, when we can manage to laugh together, the world seems OK, no matter what is going on. I know the trust customers place in me comes from this authentic enjoyment.

Fourth, she taught me to trust a power greater than myself. When things don’t seem to be going the way I want, especially in sales, I have learned to let go and trust the process. Things have a way of working out for the best – for the customer and myself.

Fifth, she taught me to serve others. Although she never worked outside the home, she raised four children, served as the organist at her church for over 50 years, and extended herself to her friends her entire life. My ability to focus on my customer’s best possible outcomes, even challenging them at times, came from her.

Last, she gave me the ability to be a leader. She taught me to put my heart into what I do and give it my all. The French root word for heart is ‘cour’ – and I believe I got my boldness and courage to be a leader, a teacher, to be a voice for good in the world from her. This heart of mine compels me to stand up for, encourage, believe in, and call forward the best in us all – to actualize our sales potential.

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